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Eternal  plastic machinery was founded in 2000, vacuum packaging equipment is  based on the production planning, development, innovation, sales and  service as one of the professional plastic machinery manufacturing  enterprises.

The company  has been committed to research and development of plastic machinery  energy-saving, environmental protection, thick sheet molding; complex  curved surface stretch forming a major breakthrough in fundamentally for  the majority of users to solve the forming of environmentally friendly  materials difficult to win the majority of users at home and abroad Favor; eternal plastic machinery to its practicality, maneuverability has become a widely publicized brand.

Leading  products: multi-functional environmentally friendly material plastic  molding machine series, thick film plastic molding machine series,  printing plastic printing machine series, and other non-standard  mechanical development and design.

Equipment  use: Widely used in electronics, hardware, toys, food, medicine, daily  necessities, stationery, advertising, tableware, appliances, medical  equipment, car accessories.

We adhering  to the "honest and trustworthy, service eternal" business philosophy,  the full implementation of "quality of survival, innovation and  development, service to see sincerity," the quality policy, give full  play to eternal people's skills, quality, brand advantage; customers in  southern China , East China, Central China, Sichuan, Xinjiang and Southeast Asia, South America and other places.

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