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Repair Services Description:

First, schedule the equipment on schedule maintenance and guidance.

Second, if  you receive the customer's fault declaration, the province's customers  within 1 working day to send technicians to overhaul, outside the  province within 2 working days dispatched technicians to repair, until  the normal operation of equipment.

Where to  buy my company's packaging machinery, will enjoy one year of free  maintenance (except for man-made damage) for life maintenance. Eternal  Sheng Machinery strive to achieve the fastest and best after-sales  service, but also for the plastic industry to create more valuable  plastic equipment, return the majority of users.


First, the device one year free warranty, life-long maintenance.

Second, delivery, free installation and commissioning.

Third, free training-related technical staff to provide technical guidance.

Technical Support:

First, the workshop layout;

Second, to provide technical staff home installation and commissioning guidance;

Third, to provide staff to our company to learn;

Fourth, to provide operator introduction and supporting mold. Raw material manufacturers to promote.