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Plastic suction molding machine manufacturer

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Plastic suction molding machine manufacturer

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Common sheet

PVC, PET, PP, PS, and the flocking sheet, gilded sheet and antistatic sheet on this basis are used in detail.

PVC: the most commonly used plastic absorbing material is soft, tough and plastic, and can be made into transparent and various colors. Transparent PVC is used to package products such as electronics, cosmetics, toys and gifts.

PET (A-PET): hard, good toughness, high strength, bright surface, non-toxic environmental protection, transparent and various colors of the sheet. The disadvantage is that PET high - wave heat is more difficult, and the price is much more expensive than PVC. This material is often required to replace PVC by high-end and environmentally friendly users.

PS: small density (light weight), environmental protection, non-toxic, good plasticity, poor toughness, brittle, and can not be made into transparent materials. Therefore, it can only be made by bottom bracket plastic suction. Because it is easy to crack, such blister is not suitable for recycling.

PP: the material is soft, tough, environment-friendly, non-toxic, and high temperature resistant. It is often made into food containers or other high-temperature resistant products, but it has poor plasticity, difficult processing, poor surface gloss and lighter color during processing.

PET-G: the physical property is similar to that of A-PET, but it can be heated by high wave, and its price is 80% more than that of A-PET.

The thickness classification of the material of the manufacturer of the sucking machine

A, ordinary thin plastic thickness is 0.14 ~ 5.0mm -- mainly by PVC, PP, PS (HIPS), PET (including APET and PETG), PE, BOPS and Recyclable paper tray made of various materials such as folding, folding, and the effect of the seventy percent off cylinder, folding box, box, high frequency etc. non thermal molding plastic products, widely used in food, medicine, electronics, toys, computer, daily necessities, cosmetics and mechanical hardware and other industries.

B, special thick plastic thickness is 0.14 ~ 8.0mm -- mainly by PVC, PP, PS (HIPS), PET (including APET and PETG), the type of injection molding plastic products, materials and effect of ABS PC, PE and PMMA etc, the main products are refrigerator liner, advertising light boxes, merchandise display, pet cage chassis, rear projection TV shell and various mechanical panel, can replace plastic products, mold with low cost (only the injection mold 1/20), short production cycle, mold development time is short (usually as long as 3 ~ 5 days) etc.

The reason is not the kind of material classification, mainly taking into account the ordinary thin plastic and special thick plastic materials used have some differences, but PVC, PP, PS and PET are in the two kinds of plastic products occupies a space for one person, called the four kings plastic products timber family ""!

PVC yingpian toughness moderate, easy combustion, combustion will produce chlorine, some impact on the environment, PVC is easy to heat, can use sealing machine and high frequency machine edge, is the main raw material for the production of transparent plastic products.

PS yingpian density low, poor toughness, easy combustion, combustion will produce styrene gas (a toxic gas), so commonly used to produce all kinds of plastic tray for industrial use.

PET yingpian toughness, high transparency, easy combustion, no harmful gas when burning, which belongs to the environmental protection material, but the price is high, suitable for high-grade plastic products, European countries generally require the use of PET plastic blister film, but it is not easy to heat, bring great difficulties to the package, in order to solve this problem, people on the surface of PET composite with a layer of PVC film, named PETG film, but the price is higher.


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