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What does the manufacturer tell you about the specific process of production?

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What does the manufacturer tell you about the specific process of production?

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What is the specific production process of the plastic sucking products of the suction machine?

Today Shenzhen yonghengsheng suction plastic manufacturers to share production process under plastic products

1. Mould making and processing of plastic products

Plastic machine manufacturers according to customer requirements to provide samples or specifications, first made plastic mold, the general conditions are made by plaster mold plastic packaging, but also useful to wood and metal engraving products mold, plaster mold making, let it dry naturally or completely dry; secondly according to the product surface concave convex specifically, drilling drill many holes in the concave shape does not affect the product packaging with 1-2 mm, if products such as packaging, will have to drill holes in the surrounding four, so in the production of plastic suction machine, air can be drawn, the mold drill hole; finally also will add a plaster mold hard, hard processing is concentrated in saturated liquid after soaking dried alum.

2. After the die is treated and dried completely

The mold into the vacuum chamber on the upper plate is made, and then according to the size of the die, the plastic chip carrier suitable size, then the sheet is placed in a heating wood cabinet, so that it is completely fixed, then the wooden cabinet together with plastic sheet set temperature softening furnace.

3, the softened plastic sheets and wooden cabinets should be placed in the vacuum chamber, and the suction switch will be activated to suck out the vacuum indoor air. After cooling the plastic sheets, we will get the same concave package or technological mould as the mould.

4. Plastic packing and packing

The trimming of the products produced by the sucking machine is the finished product, and then it can be sold after packing.

The full text above is about the concrete production process of the sucking machine. "All the content, I hope to help you!" Shenzhen yonghengsheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for 16 years has been committed to the development of Shenzhen to provide plastic machine, blister machine, vacuum machine, Shenzhen Shenzhen Shenzhen thick plastic machine, plastic molding machine, plastic machine factory is a professional Shenzhen ~ thermoplastic molding machine, plastic machine hotline: 0755-84817776

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