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How to distinguish the quality of the vacuum suction plastic machine for the quality of the plastic

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How to distinguish the quality of the vacuum suction plastic machine for the quality of the plastic

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1, the test of cohesive force: after the suction molding, the groove does not rebound and does not shrink. When making the edge peel test, the PVC should be covered with sawdust, and the intermediate air suction plastic will be stripped off after use or at high temperature. The test method is to do the edge peeling test after the Blister molding, see how much power it needs to peel, and see whether there are many sawdust on the PVC skin after exfoliation, which means that PVC is completely bonded with the wood, but the quality of the plastic is poor and the bond force is poor.

2, the temperature test of vacuum suction machine: high temperature resistance, low temperature performance and moisture resistance, because the climate is different everywhere. For example, the vacuum absorbing plastic with poor temperature is easy to edge and slot rebound at the outlet or high temperature in summer. The minimum temperature is 75 centigrade, because the temperature in the container is 65-70. The most simple test for temperature tolerance is to directly expose the sun to the sun after 24 hours of absorption, such as drying for half an hour or more, without the edge and no rebound. It is a good plastic absorber with good temperature resistance. There will be no edge and slot rebound in the cabinet or high temperature.

Vacuum sucking machine

Detection of 3 particles, even and light: good vacuum plastic spraying plastic surface with little or no difference point, to make products like sand, makes one look uncomfortable, also seriously affected the image of the enterprise.

Carefully testing the above 3 aspects of the situation, the quality of the vacuum absorption of plastic basically can be judged.

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