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Suction molding technology Shenzhen suction machine

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Suction molding technology Shenzhen suction machine

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Plastic molding technology:

Shenzhen plastic machine molding technology, the plastic sheet (plate) hot forming processing technology, is one of the two processing technology of plastic. It is different from the injection molding, extrusion of a process, not for the plastic resin particles or by heating the molding or die with the same cross section continuous molding; they do not use the machine tool, machining method of mechanical part of the plastic material cutting down, get to the shape, size, but for the plastic sheet (board) material, heating, the mold, vacuum or pressure plate (plate) material to deformation, shape and size requirements, with matching process, application purpose.

Shenzhen suction machine

The molding equipment of the Shenzhen suction machine includes the clamping system, the heating system, the vacuum and compressed air system and the molding mold.

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