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A brief introduction to the accessories and equipment of the automatic sucking machine

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A brief introduction to the accessories and equipment of the automatic sucking machine

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A full set of automatic plastic machine with a very large number of accessories equipment, we will simply introduce the following:

  First, the heating equipment, the thermoplastic sheet and the vacuum plastic forming process of the film, one of the main processes is the sheet heating. The duration and quality of thick sheet vacuum electric heating basically depends directly on the structure of the heater thermal inertia surface temperature after his radiation heat transfer, the distance between the sheet and the heater, the radiation absorption coefficient can also effectively, and the heater surface characteristics and material thermal physical properties. The most commonly used heaters include electric heaters, crystal radiators, and infrared heaters.

  Vacuum equipment second, blister machine, vacuum system consists of vacuum pumps, valves, piping and gas tank, vacuum table, and then in the vacuum forming is often separate models directly using the vacuum pump, this pump vacuum can reach 0.07~0.09 Mpa (520mmHg) above. In addition, the gas storage tank of the suction machine is basically a cylindrical box, which is welded by a thin steel plate, and the bottom is oval. The capacity of the storage tank is almost half as large as the capacity of the maximum molding chamber. In the vacuum pipeline, it is necessary to install the appropriate valve to effectively control the narrow capacity of the vacuum.

  Third, the compressed air equipment of the blister machine, the pneumatic system of the blister machine is mainly composed of the compressor, gas storage tank, workshop main road set and valve. The molding machine also needs pressure about 0.4-0.5MPa compressed air, and a variety of vacuum molding machines mostly use piston type air compressor.

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