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How to recycle the waste plastic scraper

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How to recycle the waste plastic scraper

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In the field of plastic processing, plastic molding is considered as a processing method with great potential. It is molded in molding and is suitable for various fields of plastic packaging. Automatic negative pressure suction machine processing equipment is also a skilled operation and experience. Now, through the simulation process and the necessary professional technology, the plastic molding has developed into a technically controllable and repeatable processing method. 
  Automatic negative pressure suction plastic products with low prices, high production efficiency, shape and color matching free, corrosion resistance, light weight and insulation performance of the advantages of electricity, in stationery, toys, daily necessities, hardware, electronic products, food, cosmetics and other products packaging, the application has been developed to the billboard Automotive, industrial parts, building materials, safety helmet, washing machine and refrigerator liner, turnover box and agricultural products and other products. 
  Automatic negative pressure suction machine needs to sheet cutting in plastic molding, it will produce scrap. The leftover material after crushing, and the original material mixed, can be made of sheet again. In recent years, the recycling of the leftover materials in the process of plastic molding has become more and more important. Now, a process has been formed for the recovery and utilization of the leftover material by mixing with the raw material after it is broken. Automatic negative pressure suction plastic molded plastic waste, such as packaging materials, and even engineering parts, their recovery is possible in many conditions, but some are still to be developed. The current recovery is mainly a number of chemical materials and energy materials. In order to make a breakthrough in recycling, we must work hard on the ecological and economical nature of the process. 
  The thick sheet blister forming machine has the advantages of large size, complex appearance and inaccurate size requirements. It can replace injection molding, FRP, metal shell and so on. The mould has the advantages of low manufacturing cost and short development cycle. The cost of the injection mold is only 1/10 to 1/20. Has been widely used in automotive interior and exterior, transportation, building materials, packaging, medical equipment, household appliances, bathroom supplies, sporting goods and other fields of daily life. 
  With the rapid development of the plastics industry, the field of thick sheet Blister is increasingly expanding. The position of its Blister machinery is also more and more important, and it is difficult to meet the needs of users. At present, most of the thick film sucking users are mostly imported from Taiwan and other imported machinery. Its energy saving, production efficiency and high thickness plastic suction molding become the bottleneck of the development of thick film suction machine. At present, the domestic machinery can be replaced by Taiwan 
  There are very few manufacturers of thick plastic suction machines. For example, energy saving, thick plastic suction molding machine adopts a new energy-saving radiator, which can save more than 30% of the power. The positive pressure thick plate thermoforming machine produced by our company is more suitable for PC thick sheet Blister. And as the synchronous heating molding machinery manufacturing pioneer Wanzai SME Innovation Fund website provides the thick sheet vacuum forming machine solves the problem of thick film heating, forming continuous production process, the production efficiency is ordinary thick plastic machine 2 times. 
  Thick plastic molding machine is a small branch of plastic machinery in China at present, and its level is far from the developed countries. In most styles of large, special and special thick film blister machines, some products are still blank, which is the main difference from developed countries. In the near future, we believe that our domestic blister machines will develop new equipment suitable for different users based on foreign equipment and reduce the gap with developed countries.

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