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What is the use of vacuum cupboard machine in life?

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What is the use of vacuum cupboard machine in life?

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Living cabinet doors, vacuum plastic machine what is the use?

    With the  improvement of environmental protection requirements, cabinet doors,  vacuum plastic machines and vacuum plastic materials, green, safety has  begun to attract much attention. Water-based  polyurethane dispersion is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally  friendly and so on, can be used alone in the vacuum plastic processing  of the deployment process, and to ensure excellent adhesion strength; In  addition to being used alone, the aqueous polyurethane dispersion with  VAE Or PA emulsion mixed with the use of good performance at the same time can effectively reduce costs.

    The  principle of vacuum plastic machine can be simply understood as the use  of vacuum pvc film and sizing of the fiber board fit, to achieve the  cladding plane, concave and convex grooves, curved edges, hollow carving  pieces and other types of accessories, so as to achieve Decorative  shape and get beautiful color effect; In addition, the vacuum forming  can be achieved once, so can greatly reduce the cost of production.

At present,  the cabinet door vacuum plastic machine technology has been widely used  in computer tables, sound boards, cabinets, doors and furniture  manufacturing. Vacuum plastic vacuum plastic vacuum process is the key factor, which can affect the final product vacuum plastic parts results.

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