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Bubble shell machine

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Bubble shell machine

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Detailed introduction


The machine can suck all kinds of film (PVC, PS, PP, PET, A-PET, PET-G) into different shapes. Such as toys, hardware, electronics, food and drug department until the formation of dense packing, and can produce three-dimensional embossed pattern, plastic ceiling, wall, cake boxes, automotive materials and health equipment formed inner collar or shell exquisite packaging.


1, the foam shell machine mainly forms PP, PET and other environmental protection materials, the upper and lower die travel is precise and the molding is stable.

2, the transmission uses frequency conversion digital control, has the correction function (accuracy + 1mm), and has the film withdrawal function at the same time, to avoid the waste of film.

3. In order to match the different materials, the vacuum displacement is designed with the double body and the valve, which ensures the drawing, the thick sheet forming and the high difficulty product setting.

4. In order to ensure the forming stability of different rules, the model is equipped with top die, top die repetition or multiple frequency modes.

5, the electric furnace adopts the upper closed mobile reciprocating design. The temperature control adopts constant pressure independent control. The heating is stable and replenish evenly. It can effectively solve the bad waste phenomenon such as whitening and deformation of PET materials, which saves more than 30% of the electricity consumption compared with the traditional machine.

6, the machine plus the big water cooling device and the fast cold water spray, and equipped with the auxiliary ejection spray function, so as to accelerate the production speed, and the efficiency is faster than the traditional machine by more than 40%.

Bubble shell machine

Bubble shell machine

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