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High-speed plastic machine

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High-speed plastic machine

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  • Release date:2018/01/12
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Detailed introduction

Uses:  Automatic high-speed plastic machine can be all kinds of film (PP, PET,  APET, PETG, PVC, PS) plastic into different shapes plastic cover. Such  as toys, hardware, food, electronics, medicines and other forms of  dense packaging, and can produce three-dimensional relief patterns,  plastic ceilings, siding, pie boxes, automotive materials and health  equipment, such as the formation of a beautiful liner or shell  packaging.

1, This machine adopts frequency conversion control, can set different speed or length, more efficient and accurate;
2,  in line with the various shapes of molds, vacuum forming displacement  factors are different, the machine has a primary and secondary vacuum  displacement molding mode, the finished product to meet the required  requirements;
3, demoulding equipped with shock mode, top mold repeat, available to choose to ensure that the product is not deformed;
4,  electric furnace points on the furnace vertical control, the use of  constant pressure controller grouping independent control, the  temperature is more uniform, saving more than 40% of the traditional  machine power;
5, the gate adjustment using electric motor before and after the drive, feeding automatic design, easy to operate;
6,  the mold plate can be independent points rise, decline, adjust the  level with different high and low mold, the fastest speed of production;
7, The machine is equipped with setting counting alarm device, suitable for each batch of film or film production statistics;
8, Built-in water cooling and rapid spray, speed up the molding speed.


Model YH-720

Molding length


Forming width


Forming height


working frequency


Vacuum pump (motor)


Control form

Frequency Control

Furnace control method

60 groups of independent control

The maximum stroke of the bottom mold


using electric

AC380V/220V 50HZ

Actual power consumption


Mechanical Dimensions


Mechanical weight


Need to be equipped with air pump 


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